Wingfoil rental

Glide effortlessly above water

Combining the feeling of surfing with the excitement of flying, wingfoiling provide unique sensations of glide and speed. Each session offers a real break of joy and freedom, whether the conditions are calm or the ocean gets wild, it’s a magical feeling to play with the swell, suspended between water and air.


Wingfoiling is a versatile sport suitable for a range of conditions. Whether you prefer calm, glassy waters or crave the challenge of strong winds and waves, wingfoiling allows you to adapt and explore various environments, making every session an adventure.

If you’re an advanced wingfoiler or a first-time flyer, our selection of boards and wings will guarantee a perfect fit for your skill level and preferences.

We are passionate about wingfoiling and will provide personalized assistance to ensure you have the perfect gear for your skill level and preferences. We can offer valuable advice on selecting the right wing size, board type, and other essential equipment, guaranteeing a customized experience tailored to your need and a safe and enjoyable adventure on the water.



Beginner, free ride, wave ridding & downwinding

We offer a wide range of gear : KT, MFC, Slingshot, Fanatic,... for all levels, whether you want to take your first flights, start riding in the waves or go for long downwinds.

  • 75 €
  • 120 €
  • 230 €
  • 330 €
  • 420 €
  • 500 €
  • 580 €
  • 80 €

All the gear is included : wing, board, foil, wetsuit, helmet

Half day is 3h

+20% if no consecutive days

+20% for double usage

  • 60% of the rental price
  • 70% of the rental price
  • 10 € per day
  • 10 € per day


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Sidi Kaouki, Morocco