With a 3-lesson package, you can expect:

-> To become a confident windsurfer, and be able to get through the waves, .

-> To jump and position yourself on the wave .

-> To master the jumping– get yourself confident on a crowded spot.

-> To learn proper windsurf etiquette – who has the right of way, when to gybe for a wave, and how to stay out of the way of other windsurfers while taking turns catching waves and jumping.

-> To begin to control your sail and board while riding – slowing down, and gaining more speed, as well as starting to angle and ride the face of the wave.

-> To gain a better understanding of how and where a wave breaks, helping you put yourself in the correct position in the spot for jump or riding.(this courses are given by Boujmaa or Soufian Sahli great Windsurfers of Morocco, when pre booked)

With a 6-lesson package, you can expect:

->To perfect your timing – when to gybe for the wave, and when to jump a wave.

-> To control the movement of your sailboard- angling down the face of the wave, doing turns, and keeping yourself in the best position on the wave.

-> To gain more ocean and wave knowledge – an understanding of how the tides, swells, and wind affect your windsurfing, and how to determine which waves are the best to catch or jump based on their shape. To gain a sense of style, and to be critiqued on your form while sailing, jumping, and riding a wave.

With a 9-lesson package, you can expect:

-> To become an expert on reading the wave and understanding the elements that factor in to how it is breaking.

-> To perfect your riding – dropping in smoothly, riding the face of the wave, allowing yourself to maintain the most amount of speed.

-> To be comfortable and skillful enough to sail through and ride bigger and faster waves.

-> To receive detailed critique and advice on how to perfect and enhance your windsurf experience.

-> To be prepared to windsurf at more advanced windsurf spots.




Day Price/Night Total
1 65€ 65€
2 59€ 118€
3 56€ 168€
4 55€ 220€
5 53€ 265€
6 51€ 306€
7 48€ 336€
8 47€ 376€
9 46€ 414€
10 45€ 450€
11 44€ 484€
12 43€ 516€
13 42€ 546€
14 41€ 574€
15 -> 20 35€ per day 35€ per day
20 -> * 34€ per day 34€ per day

Windsurf Lessons

Sail, Board & wetsuit included:

Group WindSurf Lesson

2 people – One 2 hours lesson

Group WindSurf Lesson

3 people – One 2 hours lesson

Group WindSurf Lesson

4 people – One 2 hours lesson

Group WindSurf Lesson

5 people – One 2 hours lesson