Windsurf rental

A large choice of gear for wave and free wave

Sidi Kaouki is a legendary windsurfing spot where windsurfers driving their vans from all over Europe used to gather camping on the beach and windsurf their heart out during the periods from April all the way to the end of September.


Windsurfing in Sidi Kaouki is super fun with conditions and spots adapted for all levels, from down the line wave sailing to amazing free riding. April, May offer excellent wave sailing conditions at the spot of Jorf and Marabout, also the river mouth is a great option when the waves are flat all around the area, while the beach break is an excellent choice at mid tide.

We offer guidance around the spots for waves and free ride, from Taguenza all the way to the river mouth we can assist you to choose depending on the conditions.

Taguenza offers great beginners friendly wave sailing conditions even when the waves are 2m high you still has a flat area to get going and approach the waves and get going at your pace. 

Jorf is a down the line option, it is a reef break with a nice peeling right which is our favorite spot in winter and springtime. 

Marabout is another peeling right, the wall holds up for long top to bottom rides. 

Main break is a nice beach break with an open face at high tide, but closeouts when tide is low. 

River mouth is a spot with a nice little right breaking into a channel and another right and left peak which has the biggest waves of the area. 



Wave & free wave

We offer wave boards and free wave boards ranging from 68L up to 105L and sails from 3.0m up to 5.9m and we have a capacity to accommodate up to 10 windsurfers at the same time, please book ahead to secure your favorite board.

  • 55 € / 20 €
  • 75 € / 25 €
  • 140 € / 35 €
  • 195 € / 45 €
  • 240 € / 55 €
  • 280 € / 60 €
  • 315 € / 65 €
  • 345 € / 70 €
  • 30 € / 5 €
  • 60% of the rental price
  • 70% of the rental price
  • 10 € to 20 € per day

All the gear is included : sail, board, wetsuit, harness

Half day is 3h

+20% if no consecutive days

+20% for double usage

+10 € per day for carbon boom


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Sidi Kaouki, Morocco