Trade wind riders #2

Windsurf Clinic - March 28th to April 6th 2024

For intermediate windsurfers who want to push their limits on the mytic spots of Maui.

March and April is when the trade winds are at their peaks. This clinic is dedicated to wave sailing, including wave riding and jumping sessions, adapting to options available. Main focus is to ride as much as possible, to learn how to feel confident around the crowded spots of Maui, and how to jump and ride Hawaiian style.

Maui is one of my favorite spots in the world, if not my favorite since I made it home. The wind’s consistency is beyond imagination compared to anywhere I have been around the world. There is always a side of the island that offers more wind, and therefore it is possible to be on the water almost everyday. It is where the industry is evolving and it is where most of the best windsurfers in the world come for training and to push their limits.


March 28th to April 6th, 2024


Flexibility: if these dates don’t fit in with your schedule, let us know and we’ll do our best to offer you a suitable package.


For intermediate and advanced windsurfers who wanna improve their wave riding around the spots of Maui and have a ride at Hookipa.

The program includes a general talk about how to wave sail in each spot we will go to, how to read the spot, the waves and the sets, how to catch the right wave and come with it from out the back, where to position yourself on the wave, when to start riding it and when to kick out, and general rules of priority.



Day 1 : Thursday 28th. Arrival : Greeting, settling at accommodation, forecast check, day planning for next days.


Day 2 :  Gear pick up, spot check, first free sailing session with filming.


Day 3 : Coaching & video analysis : defining your goals and how to work on it.

Filmed session in the afternoon.


Day 4 to 9 : 4 coaching days + 2 rest days 

Coaching will be done on the days with the best forecasts.

Each coaching day, you’ll have 1 hour of video debriefing & 2 sessions led by Boujmaa, including 1 hour filmed. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to visit the Quatro/Goya factory.


On your free time, you are free to go riding and put into practice what you’ve just learned or you can ask for a one to one coaching by BB Talkin with Boujmaa (option). You can also explore Maui (volcano, Hana drive, Kahana, West side, La perouse..), shop or just chill. Boujmaa will give you all the advice you need to make the most of your stay.


Closing evening : Friday 5th


Day 10 : Free day to explore more, shop or windsurf. Drop off at the airport for those who are leaving. 


Maui offers a large range of conditions depending on the spot and wind/waves direction, with wind blowing nearly throughout the whole year, spots vary for flat water, bump and jump, beginners wave sailor and expert from the north shore to the south and the west.


Everyday we’ll move to the best spot according to the forecasts, from Maui Hookipa to Kanaha, passing by Baby beach, Spreaks and also other options on the west Kahana or south Kihei side.

Which level ?

Who can join ? 

Intermediate and advanced windsurfers, you need to be 100% at ease with waterstart, using harness and footstraps and staying upwind and be comfortable going over 1-meter white water.



From 3 persons

Maximum 6 persons


We can help you arrange your accommodation on demand in Goya’s studios in an organic fruit farm.


You can also find a large choice of hotel and guesthouses on Airbnb or Booking. Look for an accommodation between Spreaksville, Paia, Haiku and Makawao.


Clinic : $1200 per person for the coaching by Boujmaa Guilloul. (Gear is not included)


Windsurf rental : As the clinic is powered by Goya, we can offer you to try latest Goya’s gear for a special price during the clinic. Send us a message for more information.

And if you stay longer in Maui, here are 2 shops for rental : Hitech & Maui Windsurf Company


Storage & transport :

You’ll need a car to move on the island and to join us on the spot of the day. We can help you with rental.

If you take the gear at Goya’s factory, the storage and transport of the gear on the spots will be included. If you rent it on another place or bring your own gear, you’ll have to store it in your accomodation and move with it.


1 to 1 coaching (option) : $200

You can ask for an individual coaching on your free days : 2 hours with Boujmaa Guilloul with assistance by BB talkin.


Accommodation : On demand. Ask us if you’d like to join us in the Goya’s studios.

How to book ?

Wish to book or have some question ? Send us a message ! 

To book for the clinic, let us know :
– your dates of arrival and departure
– if you bring you own gear or prefer to rent it
– which volume of board you are usually riding
– if you need help for the accommodation
– if you need help to rent a car


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